HDX 2.0 Status Update as of 11/21/2018

HDX 2.0 Users, Thank you for your ongoing patience as we work to improve the functionality of the HDX 2.0 to meet the demands of your LSA submissions. We cannot fully express our gratitude to the hundreds of committed users who have submitted AAQs detailing bugs and calculation issues with us. We recognize that the submission deadline is drawing near. Continue to reach out via the AAQ to let us know about any specific obstacles you are facing with running, uploading, or submitting your LSA report. Please also remember that the submission deadline will signal the *beginning* of a conversation with your LSA data liaison about the content of your submission file. There will be time and opportunity to upload revised reports after the deadline if you and your liaison determine it to be necessary or desirable. Below, you will find a list of all of our known issues and their statuses, many of which have been resolved. We wish you a warm and restful Thanksgiving. Kind regards, LSA and HDX 2.0 development team Resolved: • Issue: Users who were trying to change their email addresses on their profile were getting an error message. Result: users can now update their email addresses. • Issue: Several previously unidentified issues were causing users to get a generic “Server Processing Error” rather than a detailed description of the problem in the file. Result: specific error descriptions will now be returned for many server processing errors Note: if you continue to receive a server processing error message, please submit an AAQ indicating the CoC, date, and time of the upload so we can continue to troubleshoot. In most cases, we will be able to tell you the problem with the file and you can take that information back to your vendor so they can fix the programming issues causing the problem. • Issue: Users were unable to upload a new Official Use Only dataset after deleting a previous Official Use Only dataset. Result: deleting an Official HUD Submission dataset now properly resets the system and allows for a new Official upload • Issue: Data Quality warnings were being triggered incorrectly, resulting in a warning with status of “not reporting” even when data quality was good. Result: Starting with any new uploads, no warnings will be triggered for data quality results below the 17% threshold. If you were having this issue, you can reupload the same file again to see a corrected result. Note: most data quality fields with a missing/invalid rate of 17% will now return a warning, but will still show a status of “not reporting.” Users are encouraged to note that these data quality issues exist in their data, correct them if possible, and reupload if necessary. Otherwise, these warning fields do not require a comment in order to submit. • Issue: When a user attempted an upload with a non-unique name in the Upload Name field, they were getting the error message: “File name has to be unique for each CoC.” Result: error message now reads “Upload name has to be unique for each CoC” • Issue: Upload Names that included a comma were resulting in an error message. Result: commas can now be used in the upload name field In Progress (anticipated push early next week): • Issue: Bed Inventory results are not calculating properly. In large part, this seems to be due to issues in the LSACalculated files, including project-level observations (where Universe equals 10) with missing project IDs, observations that are expected but missing from the LSACalculated data, observations that are duplicated, and report rows that are reversed (cases where the ReportRow equals 56 when it should instead be 57). We are working on validating LSACalculated files that we have received and anticipate giving vendor-specific feedback by early next week. • Issue: The Summary Data display is showing several incorrect results: -AO “missing/don’t know/refused” is calculating incorrectly for gender, age, race and ethnicity, veteran status, and DV status -AO “age” is missing a row for displaying 17 year olds that turned 18 during the reporting year -AO and AC “veteran characteristics” are reporting the results for all veteran householders, rather than the individual veterans -AO, AC, and CO “chronic homelessness” is calculating incorrectly -AC summary results are incorrectly displaying “parenting youth” results with the label “unaccompanied youth” -AC summary results are missing results for “disabled households” -AC “veteran age” is intended to display the age of all members in veteran households, including children, but is currently displaying only the age of the adults in veteran households -CO summary results are incorrectly displaying “parenting child” results with the label “veteran households” -System Use “total number of households” calculations are displaying inaccurately -System Use labeling for “households served in ES, SH, and TH” is misleading -System Use “households served in RRH” is calculating incorrectly and the labeling for those with a move-in date is misleading -System Use “households served in ES,SH,TH or RRH that exited to permanent/temporary/unknown” calculations are displaying inaccurately -System Use “total households served in PSH” and “households who moved into PSH” are calculating incorrectly -System Use “turnover” is displaying inaccurately • Issue: The Summary Data export files contains at least one set of duplicate rows with blank values for every single table displayed on screen. • Issue: We need to add an allowable value of 43 in column 3 (Funder) of file 12 (Funder). • Issue: Timestamp on error reports is shifted by several hours from time when error report was created.
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