WellSky LSA Export Update

An email was sent to us on Monday, March 11, 2019 from Abt Associates that provided high-level summary information about data that the data reviewers have flagged for further review. During the HMIS Vendors call on March 14, 2019, Abt Associates shared with us that each CoC will be sent a similar report outlining flagged data that the data reviewers would like each CoC to review and explain. Abt Associates indicated that there was not an expectation that HMIS vendors would resolve these issues prior to April 1, 2019. We understand that this guidance appears to be in conflict with the guidance contained in the letters many CoCs have received from Abt Associates.


We have reached out to both HUD and Abt Associates to seek clarification that can be shared with all CoCs and all HMIS Vendors on what is expected prior to April 1, 2019. Once we have received any further guidance, we will provide another update. In the meantime, we are reviewing the file we received from Abt Associates as well as the LSA-related Cases that many of you have submitted. We will provide further updates as more information is shared with us. Please continue to submit your questions or files to us via the Customer Care Portal so that we have an accurate understanding of the breadth and scope of the flagged data to share with Abt Associates and HUD.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.

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  1. Jack Moran

    Thank you for posting this.

    Just today, March 18th, we received an email, from ABT Associates with an extensive list of flagged errors from our January LSA Submission to correct with a due date of April 1, 2019. None of these surfaced as errors, flags or warnings during either the original submission in December or a re-submission that we completed at the request of ABT Associates in January.

    We also followed up with our ABT Associate for some additional guidance and in response we were sent the attached document.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Reviewing Your Data Quality Flags_final.pdf

    Does anyone know if these errors and warnings have been installed as new LSA Validations in HDX2.0 or is this a separate scrub?

  2. jeri t


    The same thing happened to one of our CoCs today. I thought the same thing about the flags, and submitted a case even though the email from the liaison specifically requested that we not contact the HMIS vendor.

    We haven’t heard from our liaison yet.

  3. Richard in Austin

    I got my file from Abt at 4:22pm on Friday. Whew! Plus, I’m scheduled for a camping vacation tomorrow, so I was quite happy to see a note today that the 1 Apr deadline has been extended to 15 Apr. The Step-by-Step Guide wasn’t that helpful to me since I came to roughly the same conclusions myself just from my knowledge of Excel. Anyway.

    Does anyone else have RHY funded Maternity Group Homes? Have you ever heard of them being categorized as Emergency Shelter? I’ve never seen that from any HUD source in the past; always has been Transitional Housing as far as I can see. Also, how are y’all handling bed inventory for RRH? The CoC Program HMIS Manual says the Bed and Unit Inventory should match what we put in the HIC. Okay, but the Data standards say it should be the maximum number you can serve on any given night, and the HIC Data Collection notice says it should be the number of people specifically on the night of the PIT who are a) still active and b) have a housing move-in date. Those two numbers don’t match. Heck the HIC specifically says that the people and beds could very well be zero and that is perfectly fine.

    Anyway, I have a good handle on the non-vendor-required errors and am making progress on the warnings. I should be able to camp without any work anxieties.

  4. Jack Moran

    Hi Richard,

    Yes, we also have Maternity Group Home and I also doubled back to check on that one. I found the September 2018 RHY Program HMIS Manual. <attached>

    Page 10 could not be any more clear in classifying MGH as Transitional Housing.

    It’s good to know we’re not the only one’s running into this.


  5. jeri t

    We also had the MGH issue. I just copied the reg into the error column on the ridiculous spreadsheet.

    Same issue with RRH. I don’t think these people understand how HMIS works.

  6. Jack Moran

    ABT Associates responsed to us on the MGH issue indicating that it was a mistake and that they are updating that validation to accept Transitional Housing as the corresponding project type.

  7. Jack Moran

    Anyone else had any of these?

    “ID 326 Error LSAPerson and LSAHousehold Child-Only households: Each parenting child household (a type of child-only household where the parent is a child) should have at least one older child, but you reported fewer older children (6-17 years old) in parenting child households than total parenting child households (served during the report period).”

    I have not found a way to tie this back to a specific project or household. It was likely a parent that was exited without the children’s records being updated at the same time, a common issue that we’re happy to take responsibility for updating, if we can find the affected family.,…just don’t seem to have much to go on.

    Has anyone else run into this and found a way to associate this error back to it’s source?

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