GaitherDyn Community Data Dashboard Survey

Hello!  I have been working on a new project called the GaitherDyn Community Data Dashboard.  It takes a zip file and converts it into a Tableau data dashboard that can be embedded directly into a CoC’s website for them to use as a community data dashboard.  I’m currently looking to get feedback on the dashboard in order to improve it and make it as useful as possible.  Please take a few minutes to check out the dashboard here: and then click the button below to take the survey! Thank you.  

New APRs for Coordinated Entry Projects Released in Sage

On Sunday, October 28, 2018, a new Annual Performance Report (APR) exclusively for SSO-CE (Supportive Services Only – Coordinated Entry) Projects was made available in the Sage HMIS Reporting Repository for recipients to use. All Continuum of Care (CoC) program recipients who were funded as an SSO-CE grant must use this new APR for reporting to HUD. This APR does not require a CSV – APR Report generated by the HMIS. Information on the Coordinated Entry APR is available in the CoC APR Guidebook which was also updated with instructions on this specific APR. Recipients who received extensions from HUD …