HUD Annual Performance Report (APR) Report APIs now in HSLynk

The Open Source HSLynk Platform as a Service (PaaS) can now run the arguably most important management report for HMIS: the HUD HMIS Annual Performance Report. And this APR report is far more flexible than our competitors’ offerings. Read below to see why. The open source HSLynk APR Report is different than any other HMIS vendor system’s canned report offering, because it can be accessed by apps using an API call. It responds with an optional APR CSV file for HUD Sage upload and an optional human readable PDF file. So now, you can put a button in your app …

Support Announcements

Technical Support Manager: In September, Kristy Hudson took over the Manager, Technical Support position. Kristy has worked with WellSky Community Services (formerly known as ServicePoint) for 13 years as a Senior Customer Care Representative. During her time with the product she has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise with the product and industry. She is committed to the growth and strengthening of our technical support department. She can be reached at [email protected] Support Structure: We hear you! You might have noticed that different support personnel may have been picking up your submitted cases over the past few weeks. Based …

HUD PATH Report Hotfix Applied

We have applied a hotfix to all ServicePoint sites on version 5.12.64 or greater. This hotfix addresses an issue with Questions 26 and 27 where clients that were being counted in Q17e/Q17f were not being counted in Q26/27 if the service end date was after the report end date. The report will now include these clients in the counts for Questions 26 and 27. Please note that PATH grantees who have already submitted will need to resubmit their report to the PATH Data Exchange (PDX) to ensure correct values for Q26 and Q27.

Qlik Sense Update

We are pleased to announce a Qlik Sense Update is scheduled for the evening of Wednesday, December 26th, 2018. The nightly rebuilds will not be affected by this update and you will see the following changes go into place: Correction to Review Date filter for Entry Exit Review records. Sub-Assessment Date Naming Error Check. Please review the “Qlik Sense Release Notes – 2018-12” document available in the “HACS” Customer Community library for more details.

WellSky ServicePoint 5.12.66 Now Available

This release includes the following items: Resolved issue in Q26 and Q27 in PATH report Resolved issue in Q28e in PATH report Changes to LSA export Resolved issue in exporting Medicaid Files Resolved issue with creating subordinate/equivalent providers in Provider Admin AIRS Taxonomy Update Release notes can be found in the Libraries area of the WellSky Customer Community. Please note that PATH grantees who have already submitted will need to resubmit their report to the PATH Data Exchange (PDX) to ensure correct values for Q26 and Q27.

WellSky LSA Export

HUD this morning has sent out the below information regarding the LSA export and HDX. We are passing along this information to you: “HDX 2.0 Users: Thanks to your ongoing diligent review, we have identified several new bugs in the system related to warnings and calculations for the “Chronic Homelessness and Disabling Condition” display. First, since our calculation updates last week, the warnings being thrown for data results in these fields are being applied to the wrong fields. In addition, for the AO-RRH and AO-PSH results, the results are displaying inaccurately. These results do not mean that your underlying data …

WellSky LSA Export Update

IT has finished updating the back-end of the LSA export. You may now start creating new LSA exports and upload them to HDX as official HUD submissions. Please note for the official upload of the LSA export we recommend these settings: 1) Select your CoC 2) Scope: System-wide 3) Start Date: 10/01/2017 4) End Date: 09/30/2018 If you have further questions please submit a case through the Customer Community.

WellSky LSA Export Update

Monday, December 10th, 2018, we will be performing an update to the back-end of the LSA export which will resolve the below issues: • Resolved issue with Housing Move-In Date calculation. • Resolved issue with night-by-night shelters using non-ShelterPoint services to track night-by-night stays. • Update code to match most up-to-date sample code proved by HUD. Per HUD, ALL customers will have to perform a new export and upload it to the HDX due to recent changes to HDX by HUD. This will need to be a “system-wide” export in order to quality as an official HUD submission. This will …

LSA Export Issue

We are currently experiencing an issue with LSA exports from ServicePoint. This is related to an error with the “LSAHousehold.csv” file when the export is uploaded to HDX. Development is currently working on resolving the issue. Please do not start any new LSA exports until this issue has been resolved. We will send out another announcement once the issue has been resolved. Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.